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I visited Tom Stacks farm back in August. I got a warm welcome from Tom and his hen called Nora. It was great to see and taste some of his knf inputs and I learned a lot from him as regards making and using them on my dairy farm.

His farm is really rich in nature and his passion for it is infectious. What really stood out for me that day was field after field of lush healthy grass and happy contented animals that are 100% grass fed. Sustainability at it's best!

Aidan Murphy

We arrived at noon on a very cold and showery January day. Tom in his laid back style brought us into an outhouse where his new "brew" was fermenting.  He told the story of his awakening to farming in harmony with nature which is a compelling and inspiring one. From Korea to Hawaii to Connecticut to Ballyagran we learn how he makes concoctions such as Oriental Herb Nutrient, Biochar, and Lactic Acid Bacteria etc. He did presume a certain level of knowledge in his mixed audience but he was very amenable to answering even the most basic of questions. He is rightly proud of what he has achieved and he gave us a tour of the farmyard as well as discussing the fundamentals of the various brews. He has a novel sunken yard for his animals which is an interesting work in progress. Tom encouraged us to return later in the year when we would able to get out on the fields and see how the plants respond to the revolutionary but natural inputs. We were perished at the end of the tour but were inspired to get brewing and unleash the untapped potential of our cottage gardens and farms.

Thanks for your time and I will watch your progress with interest. I hope to adopt some of your methods. Every day we learn something.

Pat Morrissey

I visited Tom's farm in January with a group of people with mixed interest and knowledge of his methods. Personally, I was hugely impressed by Tom's knowledge and passion for Korean Natural Farming.

It must have been a difficult decision for him and his family to change from conventional farming practices.

The results speak for themselves, I saw healthy stock, fantastic quality silage and a future proof farming methodology.

Liam Flynn

In January 2022 we visited Tom’s  farm. We learned so much about Korean natural farming in just a few hours. Tom’s enthusiasm for KNF is infectious and he gave us a good understanding of how it works.

Even in early January we could see the amazing effects of KNF on his soil. The amount of earthworm activity comparing to our own farm was astonishing. We intend to use  KNF methods asap on our farm.

Noel and Liam Clancy

Great to see Natural Farming practices working in an Irish context. I had been looking at KNF content online for a while, but seeing it done here in Ireland and learning about the different native materials that can be used was a great benefit.

I'm lucky Tom convinced me to bring another family member, it will definitely help going forward having someone else at home who understands what I am trying to do.  No question was left unanswered and Tom was very open about all the practices and experiences he has had with natural farming.  We left with plenty of good practical advice and a much better idea of what direction to take on our own farm. Really glad we made the trip to Limerick.

Jonathan Flynn

A real eye opener, a lot of info to take in but for me, it's better to go and pack in as much info as possible instead of dragging everything out, we went for a walk on the farm, lush green grass in every field was the proof you'd need to see it works, the cattle  looked very content too, Tom is really passionate and straight to the point too.

I did two years completing the green cert and we went on multiple farm walks but this was the only farm walk that made sense, cutting out extra high costs, with less labour, less antibiotics, less middle men, have to say the few hours flew by. Would recommend this to anyone with a genuine interest in going down the organic road.


Myself and my family run a tillage farm and are really interested in changing the way we farm.
Particularly with regard to inputs. To farm closer to nature and hand on a more sustainable farm to the next generation would make us very proud. It would be a lovely thing to create an environment where productivity can be improved by replacing chemical fertilisers with traditional farming practices. This is where we came across Toms KNF, he welcomed us to his farm and was very open to sharing his wealth of knowledge with us. The inputs that he speaks about and demonstrated to us have a positive impact on the environment and climate, it also gives the farmer a low cost alternative to the commercial inputs available. The methods are simple and easy to follow. Tom was very helpful and explained everything very well.

He demonstrated how he made his brews and afterwards we walked his farm to see first hand the positive impact his work was doing. Tom has invited us back in the summer time to see how things are progressing. Tom is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and he has encouraged us to transform the we farm at present. There is no doubt the KNF has been an amazing breakthrough for Tom and leaves us in no doubt but to give it a try on our farm. No doubt there will be challenges but when you have such a positive influence in Tom I am sure we will succeed.

Martin Garrigan, Swords

Tom has been an inspiration. Our encounters with him, from visiting his farm to him coming to walk our farm with us, have been a special experience. He doesn’t sugarcoat the work and commitment that is involved in getting started with Korean Natural Farming.

It‘s a family affair and a complete change of farming mind set and live style. We’re looking forward to learning more from Tom in the future.

K. & A. Ross, West Cork

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